TECH TALK: Phones get smarter

SmartphonesIn our Jubilee newsletter we focused on smart TV, this time around it is the turn of smartphones. Although smartphones are firmly embedded in our day-to-day lives (while smart TV is an emerging technology), innovation continues in this area with the major brands scrambling to capture market share. A recent article from Business Insider about Apple’s new iPhone 5 provoked a lively debate, with many focusing on the size difference between the iPhone and the latest offering from rival Samsung, the Galaxy S3. So does size matter? And, as touched on during the debate, does Apple’s ‘ecosystem’ – its support network of stores, apps and related products – mean that many customers will remain loyal to the brand? The debate raises many interesting marketing issues in terms of new product development, branding and those intangible benefits that are often at the heart of a purchase decision.
At Innes Associates, we enjoy working with clients to ensure that their businesses make the most of all the exciting technology we now have at our fingertips. When we develop a new website, for example, we can ensure that it is ‘responsive’ – meaning it will adapt to being viewed on different platforms such as mobile ‘phones and tablets. Although the channels through which we communicate are becoming ever more sophisticated, our goal remains the same: To get our clients’ messages across in an accessible and appropriate manner.
Read the full Business Insider article here.


Interesting Aberdeen: City with a Ghostly Past

His Majesty's TheatreDid you know that Aberdeen is, according to some sources, one of the most haunted places in Scotland? There has been reported paranormal activity throughout the city, including at well-known venues such as Central Library, His Majesty’s Theatre, Ardoe House Hotel and Aberdeen Arts Centre. There have also been many reports of an entity grabbing peoples’ arms or legs on Union Street and holding on for several seconds before letting go. If you want to learn more about the darker and spookier side of the granite city, Hidden Aberdeen operate themed walking tours round Aberdeen. Visit for more information.

Chasing away all those evil spirits!

Just before All Hallows’ Day arrives tomorrow, we’ve just issued the latest instalment of the Innes Associates newsletter. With it being All-Hallows’-Even we thought we’d get into the spirit with a turnip lantern (no American pumpkins here!) and treacle scones. We did think about dooking for apples but feared certain people might get their hair too wet.

Neep and sconesIf you’re heading out guising tonight, good luck in chasing away all those evil spirits!

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New Brochure from Innes Associates

Innes Associates has just created a brand-new brochure outlining the agency’s advertising, marketing and public relations’ services.

If you’d like to receive a hard copy of our brochure please get in touch, or you can view the online version by clicking here.

Innes Associates brochure

The ultimate advertising campaign

Advertising is an important part of the communications mix. And nowhere is it presence more greatly felt right now than in the United States of America.  As President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney continue to battle it out in the lead up to the November presidential elections, research groups estimate the overall price tag for the elections may be in the region of $5.8bn, with up to $1.1bn of this being spent on political advertising.

US flagSpending is most prolific in the handful of competitive states that are most likely to determine the contest outcome; Florida tops this list with spending in excess of $150m by both sides so far.

This picture is in stark contrast to the situation here in the United Kingdom, where our total spending in the last general election two years ago was £31m ($49m)  and airtime for party political broadcasts is free – it cannot be bought – and tightly restricted.

With many Americans already disillusioned with the relentless campaigning, is this really money well spent?  Some political scientists believe that voters make their choice not on ad campaigns or electioneering but instead on a small number of key “fundamentals” such as the economy.  Furthermore, it is rare for people to change their party affiliation, so the small pool of persuadable voters can be as little as 2-3%.

And this, in essence, is why these billions of dollars are being spent.  The 2012 race is set to be extremely close and tiny margins can be the difference between winning and losing.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center and author of ‘Packaging the Presidency’ sums the situation up.

“Money matters,” she says starkly.  “You would be giving up the election if you decided to stop advertising.”

Innes Associates retains Recommended Agency Register (RAR) status

RAR logo

Innes Associates retains RAR status

Aberdeen-based marketing and communications consultancy Innes Associates has retained Recommended Agency Register (RAR) status for another 12 months.  Inclusion on the register is gained as a result of client feedback, which is requested by RAR from a selection of different client companies each year.

As a result of the process, Innes Associates has again been recommended for services such as advertising, brand strategy, design, print production and public relations.  The firm manages the PR, marketing and advertising requirements of clients across a variety of industry sectors, including oil and gas, leisure and professional services.

Charlie Innes, managing director, said: “I am thrilled that Innes Associates has retained its RAR status until October 2013.  It is a particularly gratifying achievement as it is based on feedback from our clients, which is independently sourced and is testament to the hard work of the team at Innes Associates.”

RAR is an online tool that is used by companies throughout the UK, including some of the country’s leading brands, to source, select and engage with marketing suppliers that they wish to work with and who have been endorsed by their peers.

Established in 2003 by Charlie Innes, Innes Associates offers an integrated advertising, marketing and PR service that can be tailored to clients’ specific requirements.  Since its inception, the company has experienced sustained growth and developed its service offering.  With a client base spread across Scotland, Innes Associates has built a strong reputation in raising the profile of companies it works with.  More information on Innes Associates can be found at, or telephone 01224 452177.