Innes Associates Launches Summer Adventure Campaign

Summer has always been a time for adventures. Whether it was building sandcastles and exploring rock pools at the seaside during your six-week school summer holidays or jetting off from work for two weeks on the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean, discovering something new has always been part of summer.

#InnesAdventures ideas - Scotland

This summer we’re launching something new and have some great prizes up for grabs. Over the next eight weeks we want to come along with you on your summer adventures. We know that you’ll already have your suitcase jam packed, so we’ve something far more manageable for you to take on your travels, an #InnesAdventures card.

What we want you to do is pick up one of our adventure cards and take a selfie with it while you’re on your holidays. Once you’ve taken your selfie upload it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #InnesAdventures and add the location of your snap.

Our competition runs from today – Monday, 29 June – until Friday, 21 August and we’ll be awarding a prize for the furthest travelled selfie and the quirkiest selfie. If you’re sunning yourself in the Seychelles, exploring China’s Forbidden City or heading off on a road trip round Scotland, make sure your Innes Adventures card is packed and then get creative (within reason as we don’t want you doing anything dangerous just to get a quirky picture) with your photography.

#InnesAdventures cardsFeel free to pass on your Innes Adventures card to family, friends and colleagues and get them involved too.


  • Pick up an Innes Associates adventure card and head off and visit some sights.
  • Once you have arrived at your destination, simply take out your phone and your Innes Associates adventure card, and then take a selfie with us.
  • Hold the adventure card with the white megaphone facing the camera, get your landmark in the background and smile.
  • After you have taken your selfie, upload it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or even all three. Include our hashtag #InnesAdventures, and add the location of your Innes picture.

#InnesAdventures ideas - LondonSelecting the winners

We’ll be awarding prizes in two categories:

  • Quirkiest Innes Selfie
  • Furthest Travelled Innes Selfie*
    *Miles will be calculated from our office at 1 Little Belmont Street, Aberdeen to the location of your snap.

The winners will be able to choose from a selection of prizes – including vouchers for cookery classes at the Nick Nairn Cook School in Aberdeen and a champagne afternoon tea for two people at Meldrum House.

Remember, your #InnesAdventures selfie must be submitted by Friday, 21 August.

If you have any questions, or want to get involved, contact Bronwyn on or 01224 925051.

Innes Adventure ideas - Dunnottar Castle and Pennan


Interesting Aberdeen: Where is Pocket Park?

Pocket Park AberdeenIt was a question we found ourselves asking.  When Clare joined the team we thought it was only right that we got some new photographs taken – after all, we always tell you how important pictures are.  Having decided that we’d do our photo shoot outside, the photographer suggested we met him at Pocket Park.  The venue name was met with blank faces all round the office.  Having thought we all knew Aberdeen fairly well – some of us have lived here all our lives – we were stumped.  It is in fact on Schoolhill, just outside the Art Gallery where the statue of Major-General Charles Gordon stands.

Having looked at images of Schoolhill on the Silver City Vault website, it looks very much like Pocket Park was filled with rose bushes and surrounded by iron railings at the turn of the twentieth century.  The marks where the iron railings once stood can still be seen today.  The old photographs that are included on the Silver City Vault show the area outside the Art Gallery looking very different from the current concrete slabs shaded by leafy trees.

One constant, though, in the area since mid-1888 has been the statue of Major-General Charles George Gordon R.E.C.E who stands guard at the arch to the Robert Gordon quadrangle.  The 9ft bronze statue, created by Scottish sculptor Thomas Stuart Burnett, stands on a 9ft Correnie granite plinth and was erected and presented to the City of Aberdeen through the subscriptions – amounting to £1,000 – of the Gordon clan.

Major-General Gordon was born in January 1833 and served as an officer in the British army seeing action in the Crimean War, but he made his military reputation in China – earning the nickname Chinese Gordon.  He later became the Governor-General of Sudan, where he did much to suppress revolts and the slave trade.

He resigned from the British army in 1890, but at the request of the British Government Gordon went to Khartoum to oversee the evacuation of Egyptian soldiers and civilians following a serious revolt in Sudan.  It was here in January 1885, after protecting the city from Muslim reformer and self proclaimed Madhi, Muhammad Ahmad, for over a year, that he fell.  The siege of Khartoum is one of the most famous and heroic sieges in history.

His career, although sometimes controversial, has generally always enjoyed a good reputation, as can be seen in the 1966 film Khartoum in which he was depicted by Charlton Heston.